Richard Houchin

Examples of PHP / MySQL Database Driven Web Applications

Below are a couple sandbox examples of my work with PHP and MySQL.

  • EdiBull - A food journal that allows users to login, add chow to a local database, and then use that chow to maintain a food journal and view reports to allow for eating-habit and nutritional analysis.
  • World of WarCraft Gear Guide - A Web app that allows users to login, add items to a local database, and then use those items to build personalized item-acquisition goals. The ability to compare your goals with other users is also featured.
  • Employees and their Hobbies - A database driven example of relational tables.
  • Widget Corp Public Area - The public face of the Widget Corp company page.
  • Login to the Widget Corp Staff Area - The login for the Staff area for Widget Corp. This is an example of a content management system, with CRUD for subjects, pages, and users. Changes made here will show up on the public page.

    For access to either the Widget Corp secure area, or the WoW GG profile builder, you may contact me for a temporary account.