World Exploration: New York City

Google Plus

Google made this trip possible. From the Android smart phones, to the mass transit data hooked into Google maps, Google extended my mind and transformed me into an idiot savant when it comes to directions. Google Plus integrated with my camera phone to enable me to easily keep a travelogue with photos. Thanks, Google!

Here I have links to my public Google+ travelogues. Perhaps someday I will permanently archive them here on my site. As great as Google may be, one ought to keep one's memories on local storage, I always say.

New York, Land of Pigeons

  1. New York: soon!
  2. New York: Expedia
  3. New York - Packing
  4. New York - Traveling
  5. New York - Give Me Freedom, Or Give Me Pizza
  6. New York - Broadway
  7. New York - American Museum of Natural History
  8. New York - Times Square
  9. New York - The Empire State
  10. New York - Long Island and Good Company
  11. Good times, good times!