Richard Houchin

Graphic Design Examples
for the CSU, Chico
2007-2009 University Catalog

Each of these pages were laid out using Adobe InDesign CS2. Only the "Sustainability Text" example contains content I wrote. Everything else is only demonstrating my layout and design abilities, such as they are.

Sustainability Text (pdf): In addition to laying out this page, I wrote the text under the header "Sustainability Courses".

Course Offerings (pdf): My primary contributions to the original layout of the course offerings and descriptions portions of the catalog are the gray screen behind course titles, and the positioning of the leaf graphic.

Page Layout and Spacing (pdf): Getting the many different elements in a technical document to stand out coherently takes a good eye for spacing and font weight and styles. I've seen better, but I think the 2007-2009 catalog is quite readable.

Photographs (pdf): In addition to working on the general layout, I implemented the use of a very slight curved border on all the photos in the catalog. I think it gives the work a less bureaucratic and more friendly feel to the eye.

Subject Index (pdf): Indices are tedious and time consuming to generate. This isn't the prettiest index you'll ever see, but it works, and I spent too many hours on it to not include it somewhere!

Web Site Development
for CSU, Chico's Class Schedule

I inherited the Class Schedule Web site as my responsibilities on campus grew. When I came to the site, it was written in html 4.01 transitional and composed almost entirely of tables. An intricate nesting of well over a dozen tables generated a class schedule page that was brimming with information. Content was being displayed in numerous table rows and cells, and not a single bit of it was actual tabular data!

I decided to make the page compliant with today's standard of xhtml. I taught myself the necessary languages using Google and the training videos at Lynda. I used the tabular class schedule (as it appeared in a browser) as my model, and I proceeded to build the whole thing from scratch using nothing but css design. I streamlined some of the content, but maintained the overall appearance.

For the next step, I used the Yahoo Grid Builder toolbox. This new Class Schedule is less cluttered. The information is presented in cleaner fashion using javascript-driven collapsible menus and improved css styling. In addition to the improved layout, I took several photographs on campus and made them publishable using Photoshop CS3. A cgi script rotates the photos each time the page loads.

I have also applied my Web site design capabilities (such as they are) to my portfolio here at World of Dreamers.